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Getting Into The Printable Publishing Business – A Beginners Guide

How to Make Extra Money Selling Printables

There are many ways to make a profit online these days. From completing surveys to working remotely, from reselling products to marketing your own, the options are nearly limitless. One money-making method that’s become popular, though, is the creation and sale of printables. If you have an aptitude for design, selling printables may be just the business opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Printables: What Are They?

A printable is a design that buyers can download and use for their own purposes. You can find printable planner PLR for goal trackers, posters, stickers, planners, journals, and much more. Printables have become very popular over the last few years, and to the right person, they can be quite useful.

How to Make Printables

Are you interested in making printables or refining the PLR printable graphics you’ve found online? There are a few programs you can use, and all are appropriate for varying skill levels. These programs include those listed below.

  • Microsoft Office. Here, you’ll find programs such as Excel and Word, which are great for the creation of simple printables. Both programs make it easy to create tables, grids, and quotes. However, design options are very limited. That’s why I suggest using Microsoft Office as practice, not for printables you plan to sell.
  • Canva. This is a great resource for printables, and it’s what I use myself. Canva lets you use templates, images, fonts, and online resources to create pro-grade designs. It’s free to use, but you can upgrade to Canva’s Pro version to access premium content. However, that’s not necessary to create sale-worthy PLR printable templates.
  • Adobe programs. Another great way to design and refine low content PLR is with Adobe’s InDesign and PhotoShop. These programs admittedly come with a steeper learning curve, and they come at a cost as well. If you have a background in design, though, it’s easy to use these programs to create unique, high-quality printables.

There are many options for the creation of low content training courses and printables. You can create workbooks, planners, goal trackers, posters, journals, artwork, and coloring pages. There’s a lot of choices out there! If you’re already running a blog or an online business, printables are a fantastic add-on.

Where Can I Sell My Printables?

The best and most popular marketplace for printables is Etsy. Simply start an account, open up an Etsy storefront, create listings, upload the printable files, and let the listings go live. Once that happens, your printables will be on Etsy’s marketplace and ready for buyers to find. Before starting your shop, though, I’d suggest having at least ten designs ready to upload. That way, you have more of a chance of making a sale of your journaling PLR. Alternatively, if you already have a site or a blog, consider installing a shopping cart option and list your products directly. Taking this route minimizes overhead and reduces fees. The low content books PLR use a combination of both methods. You can also consider looking for trusted printable creation software and using it to create printables for your audience to sell on printable marketplaces, it’s a pretty easy way to get started in the printable selling business.


In these challenging times, many people are looking for ways to work from home and make money online. Getting into the printables business is a great way to do just that. With the tips and info I’ve given here, your path to profits may be just a little bit easier.